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To whom do I make the down payment check out to?

The down payment check should be made out to your agent. Your agent will then remit the payment and signed finance agreement to Skipjack. Since Skipjack does not have the authority to bind coverage, sending all the paperwork to your agent ensures that the coverage is bound properly.

Where can I mail payments?

Please mail payments (no cash please) to:

Skipjack Premium Finance Company
10150 York Rd., 5th Floor
Hunt Valley, MD  21030

How can I view my account status?

You always have the option to call Skipjack at 1-800-611-0955, but the easiest way is to create a login to the SkipjackPFC website. The attached document outlines the steps to register for your website login. This second document will help you navigate the website after you are logged in.

I logged onto the website, but the site couldn’t find my account.

Make sure that you are entering your full account number and you are using the zip-code that Skipjack has on file for you to register. If you are still having problems, please call customer service at 800-611-0955.

I lost my coupons, can I get new ones?

You can download replacement coupons from your online account with us (using your login name and password). Of course, you can always call our customer service representatives and they will send out replacement coupons immediately.

Is it possible to set up reccurring payments?

Yes, we can set up recurring payments using ACH withdrawal. To enroll you must complete the ACH Withdrawal form and fax (410-630-1132), mail, or e-mail (customer.service@skipjackpfc.com) the form back to Skipjack.

Can I be invoiced each month rather than sending in a coupon?

Yes. Please call our customer service team and we can make the switch to statement billing for you.

I am late in making one of my monthly payments, how can I expedite payment to avoid cancellation?

To expedite payment, we suggest that you make a credit card payment via phone or web. Credit card payments will clear the bank immediately so we can stop the cancellation process immediately. Please note, a transaction fee will apply for credit card payments.  To make a payment via credit card you can click the "Make an installment payment" link on the top left of this page or call 1-888-672-3889.

My account was cancelled, but I think I should get money back. How does this work?

The figures for all credits are calculated by the Insurance Company, not Skipjack. If you feel your account is not correct, please call Skipjack at 800-611-0955 for a breakdown of your account.

My account is cancelled but I still need the coverage, how do I get reinstated?

You will need to make the full payment to Skipjack that brings you current.  Contact a Skipjack customer service representative to obtain the correct payment amount required to request reinstatement on your behalf.